About TDKings

The Founding Fathers

In the 80’s, 3 friends were addicted to gambling on the NFL and NCAAF games.  This continued for many years until their bookie suddenly retired and headed out of state.  Having no outlet for their gambling addiction, these 3 friends created a game called Gambler of the Year.  They came up with the idea to have a single buy-in at the beginning of the year, and then place fictitious bets on real games using the real spread throughout the year, without the possibility of going broke.  Each week their total pot was updated based on their “winnings” and “losses” for that week.  At the end of the year, a winner was crowned based on who had amassed the largest fictitious pot of money.

The Early Years

Gambler of the Year began in the early 90’s.  With limited technology, the members made their picks with the league commissioner by use of e-mail and phone calls.  The commissioner kept track of all this on paper and updated all the pot amounts by hand.  He would them e-mail out an updated list to all the members of their game.  This was tedious and time-consuming.

The Guru

In the late 90’s, one of the founding fathers became friends with a tech-savvy computer programmer and web developer, who was also interested in sports and gambling.  After playing in the game through email and phone and paper, this new IT guru knew there had to be a better way.  He came up with the moniker “Touchdown Kings” and then spent a year developing a website for the game, where players could go and enter their own bets and picks.  He would process the data at the end of the week, and then the players could log in and see the results for themselves.  In the process, 2 new games were added – Pigskin Pickem, where you select each game each week against the spread, and Suicide Kings (later renamed Evil Eliminator out of good taste), where you select a single team each week that must win in order for you to move on.  About 6-7 years after the initial launch, the IT Guru developed a 4th game called Confidence Chaos, where you assign a point value to each game, and try to accumulate the most points.

Going Public

Sports based gambling and fantasy football in the U.S. has been a hot topic for a long time.  It is an immensely popular form of entertainment among sports fans, and the government took notice.  Each state can now decide the legality of these activities, and we felt it was time to open up our fun games to the public.  To do so, a new fancy website was needed, and the IT Guru spend another year developing this beautiful interface.  We hope you enjoy it.

The Future of TD Kings

The future is bright.  We hope to continue to develop games that people will enjoy playing, and perhaps to eventually collect all the buy-ins and conduct all the payouts directly on the website.  For now, though, you must handle all monetary transactions outside of the website.